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Circus Eruption Opens New Training Centre

It’s been a momentous week for us at Circus Eruption…. we were able to open our VERY OWN BUILDING for the first time to run our workshops.
Some numbers…. it’s 30 years since we started running inclusive circus workshops for young people, 7 years since our first ‘charity let’, 3 years since we first viewed the former St Luke’s, 26 months since we started initial emergency works towards renovation, 20 months since we had permission for our access works* and 7 months since the main access works (slope, new door, new toilets, and finishing the floors) began.
We have moved 5 times in the past 7 years and at LONG last…. we never, ever need to do that again!!!
We have a bit more tidying up to do before we show it off properly but we look forward to welcoming everyone in soon!
(* and yes… Feb 2020 was a terrible time to start getting the funding together for a capital build but… we managed!)

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