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Why Join Circusworks

There's a million reasons to join CircusWorks, but here's a few that we think will matter to you.

We Support You

Our purpose is to give every young person in the UK the chance to learn circus. We work towards this by supporting the fantastic work that is already being done in the youth circus world, by individuals and organisations. We use feedback from our members about the challenges they face to inform our projects. This means that the events and training we organise, and the resources, research and discounts we offer, are relevant, useful and exciting.

You Support the Sector

Joining CircusWorks builds a strong collective voice within the UK youth circus sector, which we can use to inform the development of the future of youth circus.

We work on behalf of youth circuses to advocate for funding and opportunities, to raise public recognition of the incredible work that youth circuses do, to raise awareness among funding bodies of the proven benefits of circus, and to increase the number of young people involved in youth circus overall. We also create infrastructure for youth circuses in the UK, and international links and partnerships.



CircusWorks is a grassroots organisation that believes in the power of community. As well as offering support and advice to our members, we form a network that brings together youth circuses across the UK with circus artists, teachers, academics and other important voices, to encourage mutual support across the sector. We’re also a friendly bunch – come say hello.


CircusWorks members have access to up-to-date research on a huge breadth of topics relevant to circus and youth circus. We disseminate the work of circus and physical literacy academics across the globe, as well as circus artists, teachers and organisations that are constantly developing new resources and practices.

Our own research projects generate resources for youth circuses and circus professionals, as well as tracking the UK youth circus sector as a whole, and the issues facing it.


CircusWorks represents UK youth circus, nationally and internationally. Our work raises the public profile of youth circus, and generates opportunities and income for the sector. As a member of EYCO (the European Youth Circus Organisation), CircusWorks represents UK youth circus in Europe, creating opportunities for UK youth circuses on international projects. We also speak on behalf of UK youth circuses to funding bodies, educational institutions and other organisations that influence the UK youth circus sector.

We are currently working with Circus Change Up, co-convening their Youth Circus and Circus in Education missions. Circus Change Up seeks to develop a coherent vision for the future of circus in the UK, through grassroots consultation and collaboration.

CircusWorks will publicise your youth circus on our website, social media and marketing materials, and promote your events, news, opportunities and jobs.


We create and collect research, curriculums, tools, videos and other resources for our members. Some of the resources on offer include:

  • Research into physical literacy, the benefits of circus, learning styles and more;
  • Teaching tools, resources and curriculums;
  • Skill-specific tutorials and resources;
  • Rigging resources;
  • Resources and templates for every aspect of running a youth circus, e.g. fundraising, administration, marketing, governance etc;
  • Resources for young people;
  • Useful contacts and links.

We also work to keep you connected and informed, with all the latest news, jobs, events and opportunities in the circus and youth circus world.


Through our partnership with EYCO (the European Youth Circus Organisation), we are able to offer circus teachers and professionals regular opportunities to participate in free, all-inclusive circus training courses in locations across Europe. Learn new skills, network with other circus professionals from many different countries, and see the world at the same time! These opportunities are only available to CircusWorks members.

Our events and conferences are incredible opportunities to learn from some of the top circus artists, teachers and thinkers internationally, at massively subsidised prices. CircusWorks members get discount tickets to all our events, and some events and training opportunities are members-only.


We run incredible events for young people and professionals in the circus and youth circus sector, in the UK and across Europe.

Our main, annual events are the CircusWorks Conference and Festival (see below).

Smaller events we run include teacher training, professional skill workshops, advice and support sessions, performance opportunities for young people, youth circus exchanges and more. Check the What’s On section of the website for more information on upcoming events and opportunites. As a member, you will recieve discount tickets to all CircusWorks events, as well as accessing members-only events and opportunities.

CircusWorks Conference

Every year we run 3 packed days of workshops, talks, Q&As and discussion groups for professionals in the circus and youth circus sector.

These include lectures on the latest research conducted by top international circus academics, skills workshops with some of the most incredible circus artists in the world, discussions on ‘hot topics’, subject-specific workshops (e.g. on teaching inclusively, how to fundraise etc.), and talks and Q&As with important voices in the sector.

Due to Covid-19, we were unable to run our usual ‘in-person’ conference in 2020 – and so the Un-Conference was born! Throughout 2020, the CircusWorks Un-Conference brought together a community of circus and youth circus professionals across the UK and internationally, and offered support, training, and a lot of laughter! Find out more about our plans for 2021 here.

CircusWorks Festival

The CircusWorks Festival brings young people from youth circuses all over the UK together for a week-long circus bonanza!

Hosted in a different location each year, the festival gives young people the chance to learn from internationally renowned circus artists and teachers, make friends across the country, and perform in a real big top!

Young people are also given the chance to see an array of incredible circus shows, as the CircusWorks festival is usually ‘attached’ to a larger festival or event (e.g. the Edinburgh Fringe).

Become a member to get discount tickets and priority booking for you and your youth circus at the next festival!

We've gone Global

CircusWorks represents the UK on the board of EYCO – the European Youth Circus Organisation – and has relationships with youth circus organisations, circus academics and circus professionals internationally.

One of our main purposes as an umbrella organisation is to create partnerships, between our members, and with the international youth circus community. We provide networking opportunities, place people in European Volunteer Cops (formally the European Voluntary Service/EVS) positions, and encourage communication and mutual support.

Ready to become part of the UK's biggest Youth Circus Collective?

Membership rates are competitive and offer exclusive benefits to organisations and individuals.

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