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Our Structure

We Are A Grassroots Organisation

Circusworks uses a governance system based on Sociocracy, also known as Dynamic Governance. This enables us to be a truly democratic organisation, where our membership has a voice and is directly involved in guiding our work.

The organisation operates through a network of autonomous ‘Circles’, which are essentially working groups that are each responsible for a different area of our work.

Each of our circles has 4 to 8 members, who meet fortnightly (online), for 1-1.5 hours. The members of our Circles tend to be representatives of youth and community circuses, or people with specifically relevant expertise/experience.

On this page you can find links to more information on Sociocracy, a map of our organisational structure, and FAQs about the way we run CircusWorks. If you are interested in becoming involved with one of our Circles, you can also contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

CircusWorks Organisational Map

What Is Sociocracy?

Find Out More

Find out more about the history of Sociocracy, and how it works, by visiting the Sociocracy For All website (external link).


Who are the people in our circles?

Each Circle is made of 4 to 8 volunteers. There are a great variety of people in our circles, but generally they fall into three categories:

  • Representatives of youth and community circuses in the UK
  • People with specifically relevant expertise/experience (e.g. fundraisers in the funding circle)
  • People with real interest or involvement in the area that their circle governs

All of the members of CircusWorks circles are committed to using circus as a tool for positive social change, and to using circus to improve the wellbeing of children and young people. Many of the members of our circles are people who use circus to improve the wellbeing their local communities – through CircusWorks, they can extend their work to a national and international level.

What roles do people fill in circles?

There are four roles in each circle. Roles are democratically allocated by the circle. We try not to have more than one role per person.

Keeps the circle active and motivated
Brings information back from the General Circle to their circle
Helps prepare agendas for the next meeting
Makes sure the backlog is prioritised
Understands and communicates the importance of the circle

Facilitates circle meetings in a sociocratic way
Ensures that all voices are heard, and consensus is reached for all decisions
Must be someone who is organised, reliable, and keen to learn about facilitation and sociocracy

Creates an agenda document for meetings, with enough time for the Leader and Facilitator to review it
Looks after Trello (if using)
Makes sure that the backlog is accurate
Takes minutes in meetings

Represents the Circle in General Circle Meetings
Communicates with other circles

How do I join a circle?

If you are interested in joining a circle, or our board, get in touch using the form below. Circles are generally limited to 8 people, so we do not always have space for new members straight away, however our organisational structure is constantly shifting to suit the needs of sector and new circles and spaces become available regularly.

How changable is this structure?

Very! One of the biggest benefits of having a structure based on the principles of dynamic governance is that we can quickly shift our organisation structure to fit the needs of the organisation, our stakeholders, and the wider sector. New circles are formed to deal with new areas of our work, sub-circles are formed to deal with specific projects, and old circles go dormant if they are not currently useful.

Contact Us

    Are you interested in joining one of our Circles? Get in touch!

    If you’re interested in joining one of our Circles, or becoming a member of our Board, please get in touch. Let us know which Circle you are interested in joining, why you are interested, and what relevant experience/expertise you bring.

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