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Acro Movement with Lina Johansson


Lina Johansson

Acro Movement with Lina Johansson

Lina will lead a session for people to join in as a physical warm-up for the day or as a toolbox for people to take a range of exercises away to use in classes with young people. Building up from a gentle, inclusive spine warm-up to more energetic warm-up, mobilisation, strengthening and acrobatic exercises that can be adapted for different levels and abilities.

For this session she will mainly focus on individual exercises that can be done within a square metre/an individual mat. Apart from the advantage of this being suitable in small spaces and with social distancing, I have found that there are more exercises and repetition that we can do this way than I previously would have done, allowing for a fun, high pace, avoiding queue organisation and less waiting times in lines.

People are welcome to join in to learn with their body, or to watch if you prefer to just take notes.

When and Where?

This session will take place at Circomedia on Monday, 21st February 2022, 10.30am-11.30am.

Lina will be running this session in person.

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