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Circus and Activism


Doug Francisco

Robyn Hambrook

Circus and Activism, with Robyn Hambrook and Doug Francisco

The space where Art and Activism meet is always a dynamic and illuminating one: entertaining as well as engaging – however it can also be divisive. Does it dilute the message as much as promote it? Trivialise the severity of the crisis it aims to increase awareness of? Some would say so.

In a society and world never more divided by media bias and the polarising effect of anti social media, nor more delicately balanced on the edge of catastrophe, how do we best respond? There is a tension between direct action and creative protest in some areas, with mass civil disobedience still one of the most powerful and effective forms of change making, some would say.

Circus has always been an inspiring and magical realm, as well as an artform very much for and of the common people, and if ever there was a time for distracting and disruptive acts of pointless beauty or powerful messages it is now. Join us to discuss these aspects and more.

When and Where?

This session will take place at Lost Horizon on Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 9.30am-10.45am.

Robyn Hambrook will be joining us in person; Doug Francisco will be joining us from Egypt, as a hologram/projection.

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