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Confidence by Design


Dr Dean Kriellaars

Confidence by Design with Dr Dean Kriellaars

This workshop will explore the importance of the intentional development of confidence or self-efficacy in circus participants. The workshop will start with a discussion of the myriad of known benefits of confidence, followed by the factors that influence confidence both internal and external to the participant.

Workshop participants will be exposed to identification of practices which build confidence, as well as those that erode confidence. Methods to simultaneously develop movement competence with confidence will be discussed using the concept of physical literacy. The workshop participants will gain practical insights into the methods to construct positive challenges to achieve positive movement experiences for a diverse set of participants, and in so doing enable the development of confidence for enhanced performance, continued participation, reduced likelihood of injury, faster and safer return from injury, increased agency and autonomy of the participant, and improved ability to overcome challenges (resilience).

When and Where?

This session will take place at Lost Horizon on Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 1.30pm-3pm.

This is a virtual session: Dean will be joining us from Canada, as a hologram.

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