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Fostering Creative Potential


Dr Dean Kriellaars

Fostering Creative Potential with Dr Dean Kriellaars

This workshop will commence with a dive into the concept of movement creativity, which will provide the foundation for developing environments which foster the development of creative potential in circus participants.

A new tool for the assessment of movement creativity will be shared, which will provide the workshop participant with a clear understanding of the key features of creativity.

Practical methods will be described that allow for the simultaneous development of technical abilities with creative capacities using a “+1 incremental model” that employs both prescriptive and creative progressions. A variety of creative progressions will be shared and discussed. The benefits of fostering creative potential will be discussed.

When and Where

This session will take place at Circomedia on Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 1.15pm-2.45pm.

This is a virtual session: Dean will be joining us from Canada, as a projection.

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