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The Activist Clown, with Robyn Hambrook


Robyn Hambrook

The Activist Clown, with Robyn Hambrook

Do you want to change the world? Would you like to explore the potential of clowning and circus to be political and tackle serious issues?

Join Robyn Hambrook for experiments in mischief and resistance in this practical and playful workshop exploring the subversive power of the CLOWN.

We will train mechanisms of the clown including games, flow and improvisation. Then we’ll head out into the streets to play, protest and provoke. All levels of experience welcome.

The clown is a powerful tool for resistance. Their power derives in part from the unique place they occupy – a liminal space, on the fringes, a commentator, a rebel, a soothsayer, able to resist social conventions and hold a mirror up to society’s absurd mechanisms. Come and explore the clown’s regenerative and empowering potential.

When and Where?

This session will take place at Lost Horizon on Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 11.15am-12.30pm.

Robyn will be joining us in person for the workshop.

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