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The Big CloudSwing Book is Taking Pre-Orders Now!

The Big CloudSwing Book - An Introduction to the Discipline

Book Description

The Big CloudSwing Book – an introduction to the discipline of Static CloudSwing, was a dream for a long time. While I was teaching my workshops, I always thought it would be awesome to create it at some point to help the future generation of cloudswingers with some inspiration and instruction.
Well, it happened! After years and years of performing and mastering the art of cloudswing, lockdown has given me the inspiration and the time to create it. This ended up as a magical 93 pages (about 80 STATIC moves), with basic cloudswing rigging and technical info as well.

Big Love
Janos Foldi
Jani Nightchild

Pre-Order via GoFundMe

To pre-order your copy of The Big CloudSwing Book, click on the button below and pay £25 into The Big CloudSwing Book’s GoFundMe page. As soon as 100 people pre-order, the books will be printed and delivered.

Janos Foldi is a former aerialist with NoFit State Circus, and a cloudswing specialist who studied at the National Centre for Circus Arts and Circomedia.

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